Restaurant Empty? Use No Peeking Strategies


Have you heard of the 'No Peeking' Marketing Strategy?

The "No Peeking" strategy, is a repeat business strategy that you use when you don’t have a database. So you don't have a way of getting out to people to invite them in. So you actually invite them in again, while they're still in the restaurant.

The way this works is, you hand out an envelope to everybody who's dining. On the outside of the envelope listed are five different prizes that they can win. So lets say that you have a busy month and you have, just for round numbers, a thousand people come through that month. What you would do is organise a thousand envelopes printing, on the outside are the prizes they could win. Inside the envelopes you have stuffed a voucher in each envelope, listing the prize that this person has won. Now, these prizes could be anything from a glass of wine through to a meal for four worth two, three, four hundred dollars, whatever you want to give away. Obviously you are not going to give away the biggest prize to everybody. You might only give away one out of that thousand.

At the end of the meal you walk up to these people and you say "This is a "No Peeking" envelope, you have won one of these prizes. All you have to do next month, is bring this in, unopened and there is a prize for you to win". So you give one out to everyone that is dining. Now on the outside of the envelope it does say that only one can be used per table at any one time.

You might want to do this in the month of December when you’re really busy so that they will come back in January when you are quiet for instance. This way, you get to fill your restaurant even on a typically quiet month.

What this restaurant marketing strategy does, is it forces people to come in. It is a REPEAT BUSINESS STRATEGY. It stimulates the inquisitiveness of people the same way when you buy a scratchy ticket and you want to scratch it off to see what you’ve won.

Simply put:

  • It works on peoples inquisitiveness.
  • It gets people to come in on the ‘quiet’ months.

If you want the envelopes to be created and you are one of our clients, we can do this for you and have all the vouchers stuffed. It works! People love it and it will create repeat business for you and will add up to your restaurant profits.

Take aways:

  • This is a repeat business strategy.
  • Every person receives an envelope.
  • Every envelope has a prize list on the outside.
  • Every envelope has a prize inside it.
  • Have fun giving them out: (NO PEEKING until you return!).
  • Add conditions to the envelope.